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  • Даниела
    I since the childhood was a little girl "in the body", and in 11 classroom chest was 4 size. The bulky form of me, of course, loaded, but reset 5-6 extra pounds would not hurt. I decided to run at night and do not eat after 6. The weight was down, and with it, my bust. Once on the internet I read about the cream Bust Size and I decided to try. Now my chest looks fine, and the total weight loss for her had no impact.
  • Даниела
    I have neither time худела and gaining weight, therefore, knew well that, in the first place I have decreases the chest. I didn't like it, so, once again, I started thinking about how I would be and excess fat the layer of clear, and the elasticity of the chest to save. A friend told me to do the cream bust sizebecause she helped to restore the breast after lactation. Well, I tried it and was very happy. Pounds were gone, and the chest was подтянутой and beautiful.
  • Христо
    Wife were strong complex due to the fact that after loss of their breasts has become less elastic. I, in truth, this has not stopped, but looking at his suffering, I could not. But and leave you because of this madness to lie down under the surgeon's knife, I also couldn't. I've been in many forums, one of which I found a review about the cream bust size. Bought it, gave it to the wife. First, a little quibbles with the cover of the magazine", and then he was simply delighted. The chest became as beautiful as before!
  • Николай
    After giving birth, the woman has become, many times, to deny intimacy – sex became public holidays, only at night and under a blanket. For a long time I couldn't understand what it is, after all, she does not love me back, no stretch marks it was not what she is so shy, I didn't know. Then, she admitted that she confuses stained chest. I sent it to the consultation with the plastic surgeon, but she came out of there with the cream bust size. After a month the woman with pride I was on the beach of the Mediterranean sea, outdoors, swimsuit, and even decided to sunbathe topless.
  • Марийка
    I had to go to the man, with which we have not seen, but we have had enough of a serious relationship, by mail, through social networks. He planned to spend time on the coast, but my chest, which is lost with age, elasticity, very disturbing to me. So I decided to urgently find a way to bring the bust in order. Was косметологический hall, she told me that I should try out the cream bust size. Well, and after a month my chest was, as in youth. So after 2 weeks I am flying to your beloved, without any doubt!
Comments Bust Size