Experience of use Bust Size

Stella of Brussel told us the amazing story of his reincarnation. The girl told about the feelings and thoughts, but also spoke about the result of using a cream Bust Size to tighten the breast enlargement.

I was not very big, but is the body the chest. Beautiful shape and elasticity made it very attractive, and without large. Of course, a beautiful bust became one of the factors by which I could find a good husband. My chosen could not me насмотреться and almost every day he bombed me with compliments.

As I started to have problems with saggy breasts

Our family life was a fairy tale, but with the time I started having health problems, which finally became the cause of the abortion. To prevent this happening, the doctors they sent me to hormone therapy, but this has not brought a good result. After two more attempts to put up with the child and the receiving of percussion doses of hormones, I started rapidly gaining weight. My chest has increased more than in 2 sizes, and I added to my normal weight of 28 кг. the Issue of pregnancy has been removed for the second plan, after all, now I had to collect the remains of health and stay in shape.

I changed the power supply, dealt with sporting activities, mountains, natural remedy to slimming, and in six months, he returned with his weight, but the size of the chest has become the same. However, in spite of sports and a sufficient number of выпиваемой of water, appearance of my bust has changed much for the worse. The chest has lost its elasticity, swing lightly, leaving no underwear was not a pleasant sight. I began to ask questions about plastic surgery, only about подтяжке, without implants and augmentation. But suddenly for us with the husband came the long-awaited pregnancy, so the thought pro album evaporated. For me, it was the main save the fetus and give birth to a healthy child, even more that it is much more intelligent would be to make a point of beauty chest already after the completion of breastfeeding.

After 9 months was born our daughter, my chest has become again in two more sizes and I was, of course, elegant. After a year I decided to stop breast feeding, and after the milk disappeared, vanished, and my chest. Size has become still smaller than it was before the pregnancy. The husband was against the implants, yes I did not want to, in general, the size got me, but the appearance left much to be desired. The more I thought about подтяжке, the more he was frightened – even so, the total of the anesthesia, yes, and what will be the outcome, the unknown. While we accumulated cash for the next album, I was in doubt.

How I managed to return the beauty of your бюсту thanks крему Bust Size

Once, in the playground I met with his ex-girlfriend, with whom studied together at the university. She was walking with her son, who at six months old, my princess. We talked with her about the children, about birth and breastfeeding, and of course the theme has touched the chest. When I shared fears about the operation, she told me how she bounced back and took the chest in order after lactation. This friend was a set up to dispense plastics, even if none of the conservative methods do not work. She tried to do special exercises, compresses, use a variety of cream, but the result brought him only Bust Size. She even invited me to a photo of "before and after". I was surprised, because in the photo as if it were 2 girls different. In general, the effect me very impressed. It turns out that this cream with a friend of mine recommended it to your beautician.

I am very happy the ability to take the chest in order to avoid anesthesia, scalpel, surgical work, a long recovery period. That is why I decided to buy the cream Bust Size. The husband left home for 3 weeks on a business trip in another country, meanwhile, I just liked to purchased the cream. After the husband came home, he didn't notice immediately the change (after all, I was in underwear). As only in the evening, I put the daughter to sleep, but the very нарядилась beautiful, sexy халатик, my favorite is very surprised (of course, with the good side). Initially he thought that I secretly he did a plastic surgery, but I told him his secret. He, of course, I do not believe that some sort of cream I could give this kind of effect, but as only he became convinced that all the money that are on the site, I realized it is a miracle. After 3 weeks and the breast size has increased slightly, thanks to which I have already without hesitation, was enjoying the sea, sunbathing on the beach in a quite uncontrived swimsuit. To be honest, we have such sex was not the same during the honeymoon! When the husband turned to me and bestow the gifts and making you fall asleep with praise.

The experience of using the cream Bust Size

Bust Size it really is very effective. My chest has become so elastic, such as the ingestion of hormones, stretch marks or any other trace left. As to the size, as well as with a small child, I decently slimmed, and the chest was smaller, and returning to your normal weight, and the chest acquired the former shape and volume. In general, I now have a smart look beautiful bust, which I managed without the help of a surgeon, and only thanks to крему Bust Size. I would advise all women not to rush to go under the knife, and do not try to this unique feature!